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Downwinders – Wave Riding

How about joining us for an epic downwinder ? I can definitely say that downwinders are pure joy, the nirvana of Kiteboarding. Start kiting upwind and let the wind push you downwind for kilometers. You can practice new jumps and fun stuff or enjoy riding waves after waves without having to kite back upwind. The downwinders we do near Cabarete are Wave Riding sessions, we start from La Boca River to Cabarete or Cabarete Bay to Encuentro, about 4 kilometers. The La Boca – Cabarete downwinder is easier because we are closer to shore and kite the beach break, you can always kite a little bit offshore if ever you find the waves too big. The Cabarete Bay to Encuentro downwinder is offshore and we have to go around the reef point of Kite Beach so we are kiting on the reef all the way to Encuentro, often in shallow water over the reef.

To participate in the Cabarete Downwinders, you need to be an experienced kiteboarder in wave riding either with a kiteboard or surf board. Our kite school also offer Wave Riding Clinics in Cabarete Bay where you can learn how to pass a shore break and catch some waves on the reef offshore, plenty of water on that reef section, no worries. The inside of the bay has no waves so it’s a stress free learning curve, you can always kite back to shore when ever you want and land on a nice sandy beach. Waves are biggest from late fall to late spring then much smaller going into summer. Wave riding is not as difficult has it may look like. Safety is super important when wave riding therefore good coaching, knowing how to choose your wind and waves conditions and lots of practice is the key to having amazing sessions. More info about Wave Riding and Downwinders


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My First Surfboard

If a surf board could talk, it would have many stories to tell. This small baby has been mine since I started my quest to spend as much time as I could on the ocean. I started kiteboarding in 2004 and used to drive down the East Coast of USA all the way South to Miami, always stopped in the Outerbanks. North Carolina and also in Coco Beach Florida because I liked the Surfing Vibe and all. I then decided to try Surfing, something new to do on no wind days and also have a Surfboard to Kite.

Total rookie I asked the local surfer girls what size board they think I should Surf on and they told me that for my size I should get a 5’6’’ that it would be big enough for my body weight and size. I went at the Quiet Flight Surf Shop and bought that baby, though it would be good to Kitesurf and Surf. I remember trying to Surf on that board in South Beach Miami, silly me, waves were so small and I could not catch any of them but at least I got quite a work out trying over and over again. I finally decided to try it kitesurfing to find out that this tinny  board was just perfect for kitesurfing!

Over the years I bought many surf boards, Shortboards, Fish, Long Board, Mini Malibu, SUP boards, a few more Quiet Flight and other brands as well. This small baby is the only one that I have kept so many years, it got a few dings from hitting the coral reef but it survived. I was never able to Surf with it but I love to Kitesurf with this board, I cannot ride big waves with it or in super windy conditions because it’s to small to drop in big waves and too light weight to jump and pop waves in super windy conditions, goes flying up in the air and bounce in kite lines … but this 3 fins surf board turn on a dime, it’s a sweet ride. If that board could talk it would have many stories to tell.


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Kite Clinics

Want to take your kiteboarding skills to the next level. Magic19 Kiteboarding offer clinics for Intermediate to Avanced Kiteboarders. Most of our kite clinics last one hour, kiteboarders usually participate to one clinic per day or register for 2-3 or more clinics during a 7 days period. Gear is not provided during clinics so you need to have your own gear. With just a few hours of clinics, you’ll be able to improve your kiteboarding skills. Intermediate to Advanced kiteboarders will enjoy practicing what they’ve learn between each clinics. We also offer video and photo sessions, great tools to progress or share this experience with your friends.IMG_9293

Advanced Kiteboarders

You’ve never experienced wave riding with a kite ? We suggest that you sign in for the Wave Riding kite clinic. You will learn the basics of wave riding, how to do nice smooth transitions, fast and narrow turns, riding ‘toe side’, positioning of kite. And most important of all, security and others specifics things about Wave Riding.  Kitesurfers’ Nirvana !

Magic19 Kiteboarding also offer Kamikaze Kite Clinics … get stocked learning new Jumps and Tricks from the pros.