Summer, June through August is the best wind season in Cabarete.

Best wind season in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

The best wind season in Cabarete is summer, June through August. The summer Caribbean trade winds bring consistent side onshore wind conditions ranging from 12-25 knots or 14-29 mph.

The wind direction in early morning is side offshore then sideshore and quickly switch to side onshore in late morning. Afternoons are quite windy so you will want to switch to a smaller kite size to enjoy the thermal winds.

Early kite session – Kite foiling, wing foiling.

Late mornings are great wind conditions for kite and wing foiling, especially in the summertime because the waves are at their smallest, so when you see those foilers on the water … this is your queue to start setting up your kite gear and get on the water for an early kite session.

Freeride kitesurfing – Kite lessons.

You’ll enjoy the gentle wind conditions and share those turquoises blues with just a few other riders. Beginners kitesurf lessons usually starts not too long after.

Be aware though! … The sun is really hot at this time of day so you will want to put up some really good sunscreen, wear a long sleeve rashguard and hat before you head off to the beach.

Freestyle kiteboarding session.

If you are into freestyle, you’ll definitely want to score a nice early afternoon kiteboarding session on the flat water and try all those new tricks you’ve been waiting to land!

Perfect waves to learn strapless kitesurfing.

Summer is the best wind season in Cabarete. It’s also the best time of the year to learn kitesurfing as well as the best season to improve your wave riding skills. The average wave size range from 0.8 to 1.2 meters or 2 1/2 to 4 foot. Rest assured, you’ll always find nice waves on the reef and the steady trade winds makes it the perfect combo for strapless kite surfing.

Downwinders and epic sunsets.

The smaller waves conditions are also great to go on a downwinder so you can ride waves after waves. Sunset sessions are also pretty epic! … A must add to your Cabarete bucket list!

One great way to familiarize yourself with strapless kitesurf is to sign up for a wave riding clinic. Surfing is also great to learn about waves, better understand the dynamics of the ocean and ease into your comfort zone.

Improve your skills with Kitesurf and Surf lessons.

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