Downwinders – Wave Riding

How about joining us for an epic downwinder ? I can definitely say that downwinders are pure joy, the nirvana of Kiteboarding. Start kiting upwind…
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My First Surfboard

If a surf board could talk, it would have many stories to tell. This small baby has been mine since I started my quest to…
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Kite Lesson

First Kite Lesson. Semi-Private $90 Private $120  Also offered, Kiteboarding packages of 2 to 4 lessons for all levels. Kite with us  
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Kite Clinics

Want to take your kiteboarding skills to the next level. Magic19 Kiteboarding offer clinics for Intermediate to Avanced Kiteboarders. Most of our kite clinics last…
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Advanced Kiteboarders

You’ve never experienced wave riding with a kite ? We suggest that you sign in for the Wave Riding kite clinic. You will learn the…
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