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Get stoked every single day of your vacation! Discover the best Kitesurf and Surf spots on the planet, score all the waves you can and kite until sunset! You deserve it after all!

We are already taking reservations for 2021-2022 travel holidays. Our travel advisor will be happy to tailor a holiday that is well-aligned with your preferences. A concierge service is also available before and during your holiday.

We have extensive knowledge about:
  • The best Kitesurf and Surf spots, SUP excursions and more.
  • Which country to go, when is the best wave or wind season. 
  • Best destinations and conditions for your level of expertise.
  • Best Schools and coaches for lessons and gear rentals. 
  • Best destinations and offers to match the type of holiday you prefer.
  • Best selection for solo travelers, couples, families, groups.
  • Best place to stay, oceanfront or walking distance from the beach.
  • Best holiday rentals, resorts, boutique hotels, echo lodges and villas.
  • The properties, their amenities, the best finds and unique offers.
We can provide information or assist you with :
  • Booking accommodation or flights via our OTA platform.
  • Choose from our hand-picked selection of stunning properties.
  • Flights, transportation and airport transfer.
  • Wellness, spas, yoga and fitness.
  • Things to do, excursions, tours. 
  • Best places to eat and where to go out. 
  • Culture, inspiring and unique experiences.
  • To connect with the local community. 
  • Private guide for yourself or your group.
  • Self guided itinerary uniquely tailored for you.
Tailored made holidays!

We really want to provide insightful suggestions and make sure that our offers will be the perfect match for a unique experience and an amazing holiday.

Tell us about yourself and the people travelling with you:

  • Airport and country you will fly from, nationality.
  • Dates of arrival and departure.
  • Surfer, Kitesurfer, Paddle Boarding adept.
  • Are you bringing your gear-equipment?
  • Level of expertise. Do you need lessons or advance coaching?
  • What type of holiday/lifestyle do you prefer?
  • Your preference: holiday rentals, resorts, boutique hotels, echo lodges and villas?
  • How many guests and bedrooms. Adults, Couples, Children?
  • Budget for lodging per night in USD or for the holiday?


Fill up the form below and a travel advisor will contact you.


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