SALTY ADDICT specialize in Kitesurf. Surf. SUP Holidays. We all are true ocean lovers and very passionate in what we do. We know what this unique lifestyle is all about and we also know that surfers, kitesurfers and paddle boarders have a whole lot more expectations than just getting a nice suntan when choosing their dream holiday. 

We teamed up with the best Kitesurf, Surf and SUP coaches, and we selected the best offers, all of which are perfectly located; oceanfront or walking distance from the Kite. Surf or SUP beach.

We also have extensive experience in the travel and hospitality service and we have a wide range of offers all over the world; resorts, boutique hotels, echo lodges, condos and villas. We cater to solo travelers, couples, families, groups of friends as well as corporate groups.

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Whilst travel is momentarily on hold in some destinations, we continue to connect with our global community to create one-of-a-kind holiday. We are already taking reservations for 2021-2022 travel holidays and we would love to learn about the destinations you’d like to explore, your dream travel experience or your best trip ever!


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