Surf Cabarete

Surfing is just a few kilometers from Cabarete center. Beautiful beach to relax, small group of surfers. Surf lessons are about 1 hour or 1.5 hours, after which you can stay in the water and keep practicing for the rest of the morning. Our lessons are one on one or 2 students with 1 instructor. You may choose to rent a board if you have taken surf lessons in the past and are an experienced surfer … able to paddle without having to walk in the water, know how to do turtle roll or duck dive and also have good knowledge  of the ocean and priority rules. However, if it has been a while since you last went surfing, we suggest that you take a lesson on your first day. Surf rentals are half a day, weekly rentals are 7 days unlimited. We provide transportation to the surf beach from Cabarete to Encuentro.

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You need to know how to SWIM and be in good shape;  You’ll be required to both walk and swim. We provide all the gear including shoes but excluding lycras/wetsuits. Beginners area is in chest high water, and if you feel comfortable with waves size, we’ll recommend to paddle a little bit further, pass the break and catch some amazing waves ! SURF is mostly in morning because in the afternoon the wind makes the waves very difficult to SURF but occasionally we can get an afternoon session on no wind days. We start as early as 7:00 am and SURF conditions are good until 11:30 am. When reserving a Surf package you have FREE transportation  as well as best lesson time and first choice for board rental. Places are limited so reserve ahead of time.

Lesson $50
Rental $30

Surf packages                                                                                                                       3 Surf Lessons    $135
3 Surf Rentals     $75
1 Week Rental    $150

7 days package SUP $190                                                                                             5 SUP Excursions or YOGA-SUP

7 days package SUP – SURF $205                                                                            3 SUP + 1 Surf lesson + 1 Surf Rental

7 days package SURF LESSON $235                                                                        3 Surf lessons + 4 Surf Rentals

7 days package SURF LESSON $225                                                                        5 Surf lessons

7 days package SURF RENTAL $150                                                                       7 Surf Rental

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We also offer  SURF packages and SURF-SUP packages  including accommodation and airport transfer. Stay 7 nights or more, arrival and departure dates flexible. Several choices of holiday rentals, room at the surf villa, rent your own studio, apartment or villa. We will be happy to help you choose the place to stay. Some of our Camps and Packages


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