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DCIM100GOPROStand Up Paddle or SUP is very easy; We’ll give you a quick introduction and demonstration on this new and popular sport. The board is essentially a large, stable long surf board that is specifically designed to be stood on and paddled with an ergonomic fiberglass paddle. After 10 minutes all participants are up and Paddling … If you are not familiar with watersports, the easiest way to Learn SUP is at the Laguna or the River. We also offer SUP in Cabarete Bay where you can start paddling near the shore then you can paddle out to the reef. On the way back to shore you may want to try surfing the baby wave that is in the middle of the east part of the Bay; It’s really a baby wave from surfing standards, not too big or intimidating but still challenging for SUP. Participants need to know how to swim but SUP is very easy and very gentle. It is a great group activity even for those with varying backgrounds and abilities. No need for shoes, since you will not go over the reef, and we provide all the SUP gear but lycras. SUP is usually in morning because in afternoon the wind makes it very difficult to paddle, but we do have an occasional afternoon or evening session as well Sunset Yoga-SUP in afternoon on no wind days. Morning SUP starts as early as 7:00 hrs. and SUP conditions are good until 11:00 or 12:00 hrs.

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We are lucky to have many diversified water habitats around Cabarete. Our most popular tour is at the Laguna located in the National Park of El Choco in Center Cabarete, it’s a freshwater Tropical Mangrove with lots of flowers and also a bird sanctuary. Join us on an excursion and discover some of the nicest sceneries of the North Coast.


Sessions are 2 hours long – Flexible departure time

7:00 am   Yoga SUP –    $55
7:30 am   or later – Ocean SUP    $40
8:30 am   Excursion at the River    $55
9:00 am   Excursion at the Laguna    $45

Combo SURF + Yoga class. Pay $10 Extra to add on 1 Yoga class. You can surf then join us for an after surf Yoga Class. Surf Yoga warm up as well as Sunset Yoga available on request. This offer is valid for every SURF or KITE lessons and rentals, SUP Excursion, YOGA-SUP, you reserve with us.

3 SUP Excursions or YOGA-SUP    $125                                                                      7 days package/ 5 SUP Excursions or YOGA-SUP    $190


Yoga SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding)

Energize your body, relax your mind, feel the power of positive ions and the ocean. No need to have experience in Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Boarding. We start with an introduction to SUP, followed by a short Yoga session at the beach. We paddle away from the shore for about 15 minutes, then we enjoy a great Yoga-SUP session, starting with kneeling, laying down or seating postures followed by a nice meditation. All of this while gently drifting on the ocean. We finish the session paddling back to shore. This is the perfect opportunity for beginners to learn how to stand up on the board, practice paddling and turning. It’s best to reserve your place ahead. We offer YOGA-SUP every day of the week when the weather permits. You can join our group or reserve a YOGA-SUP session for your group, Yoga-SUP is a fun activity for special events such as birthday party, bachelorette party.


SUP packages and SURF-SUP packages available. Choice of packages including accommodation and airport transfer or water sports only. Stay 7 nights or more, arrival and departure dates flexible. Several choices of holiday rentals, room at the surf villa, rent your own studio, apartment or villa. We will be happy to help you choose the place to stay. Some of our Camps and Packages

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