Kite Clinics

Want to take your kiteboarding skills to the next level. Magic19 Kiteboarding offer clinics for Intermediate to Avanced Kiteboarders. Most of our kite clinics last one hour, kiteboarders usually participate to one clinic per day or register for 2-3 or more clinics during a 7 days period. Gear is not provided during clinics so you need to have your own gear. With just a few hours of clinics, you’ll be able to improve your kiteboarding skills. Intermediate to Advanced kiteboarders will enjoy practicing what they’ve learn between each clinics. We also offer video and photo sessions, great tools to progress or share this experience with your friends.IMG_9293

Advanced Kiteboarders

You’ve never experienced wave riding with a kite ? We suggest that you sign in for the Wave Riding kite clinic. You will learn the basics of wave riding, how to do nice smooth transitions, fast and narrow turns, riding ‘toe side’, positioning of kite. And most important of all, security and others specifics things about Wave Riding.  Kitesurfers’ Nirvana !

Magic19 Kiteboarding also offer Kamikaze Kite Clinics … get stocked learning new Jumps and Tricks from the pros.