The end of travel as we know it. What’s next?

Is it the end of travel as we know it? The beginning of 2020 started with Pura Vida lifestyle; “perfect waves on a surf trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica… amazing kitesurfing sessions in Colombia’s windiest kite spot, Cabo de la Vela … unforgettable stand-up paddleboarding excursions on the pristine waters of Los Cabos, Mexico …” The list of travel destinations goes on and on as we got used to having access to just about any destination we could dream of. 

We were blatantly unaware that travel would suddenly come to a complete halt! 

I will never forget that last carefree evening back in early February 2020; dining with friends at Nectar, one of our favorite restaurants in Cabarete bay. As usual, our typical friendly gatherings consisted of a melting pot of world citizens, surfers and kiteboarders that previously met at one of the local beaches. We were all enjoying ourselves, talking about how great the surf and kitesurf sessions were that day and when would the next swell come in. We were simply celebrating life!   

Back then, we all knew of that coronavirus but none of us had the slightest idea about the immensity of the situation and how fast it would also affect our lives. Needless to say, two days later, the coronavirus was pretty much all over the worldwide news and unfortunately became part of our daily lives as well!   

I sometimes wonder if knowing what was coming, we would have taken the opportunity to go on that kite safari or another trip on the top-rated bucket list travel destinations. 

The pandemic led to an ongoing chain of events bringing sudden changes and new rules every other day. Ocean lovers are used to having to navigate true all kinds of situations and continually adapt to changes in weather forecast, swell changes or wind shifts. This last year has been like a never-ending storm where one has to stay far offshore, enduring all kinds of weather, waiting for the calm after the storm to safely return to shore. I don’t know about you but this one has been a tough one to navigate!   

The way we travel.  

Who would have imagined that we would one day have to wear a mask at the beach! And what about all the countries that are not yet reopened to tourism? How are the locals and their families surviving? How many of our favorite local businesses will still be there when we return? There are still lots of uncertainties?   

One can say it’s the end of travel as we know it. Time will tell what will travel be like in a year from now.  

New travel trends are emerging, one of them is slow travel; taking longer holidays, taking the time to get to know a new place and connecting with local communities. Sustainability and responsible travel are now considerably higher on traveler’s priorities and slowing down has also allowed us to reflect on future travel plans and how to travel with purpose.   

Embrace the wave! 

The ride is far from over and until then, we need to take care of ourselves physically and mentally. The first thing that comes to mind is escaping to nature, the beach and the ocean. Nothing beats the healing power of the ocean, relaxing under the swaying majestic palm trees and drinking coconut water!   

Kudos to all of you that have decided to embrace and enjoy life through these tough times. Do whatever you need to take care of yourself and never stop doing what you love most!   

The ocean will always be there and we’ll be waiting for you whenever you are ready to travel again. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about planning your holiday. Our travel advisor will be happy to help!  


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