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My name is Nathalie Pouliot, I have been living in Cabarete since 2008. I teach Viniyoga, a traditional Yoga passed on from the teachings transmitted by T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar of Madras, India. I also attended Prenatal Yoga teacher’s training at CTY (Center for Transmission of Yoga) and Thaï Yoga Massage training at the Lotus Palm in Montreal. Ocean lover, passionate about Kite & surf ; I am also a Kiteboarding instructor as well as Yoga SUP teacher. My love for the ocean and water sports influence my yoga practice in a dynamic way yet very spiritual and humble. In yoga we say that everything changes, nothing stays the same. Gradually people change. Here we are today and tomorrow will be different and so on. My philosophy is to move forward, to be able to find a balance in life, find out what makes us happy, and fulfilled.

Viniyoga is adapted to all, no experience needed. Everyone is invited to meet their own pace and choose the intensity with which he practices his yoga. You can choose the traditional posture (Âsana) or simply choose a variation of the posture; a little easier for novice or participants recovering from injuries. Experienced Yogis as well as novice will enjoy this class as we can adapt the teaching for each individual.

Yoga practice includes several posture standing up, muscle work and balance as well as various posture to work on flexibility, sitting and lying down. Postures in Viniyoga can be taken in static, holding the posture a few breaths, or in movement also known as Viniyasa or Flow Yoga which is a yoga that is practiced primarily in motion, fluid and continuous rhythm of breathing. Each yoga session ends with Prânâyâma (breathing Exercises). Learning Prânâyâma and breathing improve concentration and diminish daily stress and fatigue, greatly improving fitness and cardio respiratory capacity as well as improving performance and endurance in sports. A good way to relax and re-energize.

Yoga & Fitness Retreats

Customize retreats with Yoga Classes, Thaï Yoga Massages, Surf, Kitesurf, Stand Up Paddle Boarding as well as YOGA-SUP. You can choose to book the Yoga & Fitness Retreats with or without accommodation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for information and details. Choice of stay of 4, 7, 10 days … 14 or more. Arrive and leave on the day of your choice. Some of our guests choose to stay a few weeks or months. Rates may vary depending on dates of your holiday and number of guests per room. Our retreats are held at a beautiful Eco Lodge with tropical Yoga Studio, located steps away from our surf beach El Encuentro. We have rooms for all budgets as well as apartments, villas and penthouse in Encuentro Beach as well as Cabarete.

Yoga Classes

Join one of our daily group classes at the tropical Yoga Studio. You may also request a private class at the Studio, Yoga class at the Beach or in the Privacy of your home, hotel or villa.

Ocean YOGA-SUP Morning Session 7:00 am
Yoga at the beach Sunrise Session
Yoga at the studio Monday to Friday 10:00 am
Yoga at the studio Mon – Wed – Fri 5:30 pm
Private Yoga Classes Flexible Schedule
Thaï Yoga Massage Flexible Schedule

Yoga SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding)

Energize your body, relax your mind, feel the power of positive ions and the ocean. No need to have experience in Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Boarding. We start with an introduction to SUP, followed by a short Yoga session at the beach. We paddle away from the shore for about 15 minutes, then we enjoy a great Yoga-SUP session, starting with kneeling, laying down or seating postures followed by a nice meditation. All of this while gently drifting on the ocean. We finish the session paddling back to shore. This is the perfect opportunity for beginners to learn how to stand up on the board, practice paddling and turning. It’s best to reserve your place ahead. We offer YOGA-SUP every day of the week when the weather permits. You can join our group or reserve a YOGA-SUP session for your group, Yoga-SUP is a fun activity for special events such as birthday party, bachelorette party.


to know more about SUP  Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Thaï Yoga Massage

Treat yourself with a Thai Yoga Massage. Simply to relax, relieve muscle tensions in your body or improve various health problems such as problems with back, neck, shoulders, stiff hips or tired legs. Thai Yoga Massage has many benefits such as improved mobility and flexibility, relieve physical and emotional stress, just to name few. Receiving a massage on a regularly base definitely improves quality of life.

The massage is performed on a special mat, in comfortable clothes, no oils are used. The therapist uses her hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to massage you. Massage is tailored to your needs, no yoga experience required, it is not necessary to be very flexible or to be physically fit to receive a Yoga Thai Massage. Bodywork includes gentle stretching, energy line work and acupressure points. All you have to do is relax and let us do all the work, some people actually fall asleep during the massage, especially when getting feet and legs massage ! The massage can be Gentle and Relaxing or Therapeutic with strong pressure and more in dept stretching. Yoga Thai massage will leave your body and mind relaxed and re-energized.

Yoga & Thaï Yoga Massage Rates

1 class/USD$ 15
3 classes/USD$ 40
6 classes/USD$ 72
1 Week Pass/USD$ 80

1 or 2 persons/USD$ 35                                                                                                 3 persons or more USD$ 15 each

YOGA-SUP (Yoga-Stand Up Paddle)
Including board rental/USD$ 45

Watersports Combo                                                                                                Yoga class is $10 with every KITE or SURF lessons and rentals, SUP Excursion, YOGA-SUP, you reserve with us.

3 SUP – YOGA                                                                                                                      3 SUP Excursions or YOGA-SUP  + 3 Yoga Class    $150

7 days package SUP – YOGA                                                                                       5 SUP Excursions or YOGA-SUP + Yoga Pass    $220

7 days package SUP – SURF – YOGA                                                                      3 SUP + 1 Surf lesson + 1 Surf Rental + Yoga Pass    $260

7 days package SURF LESSON – YOGA                                                                 3 Surf lessons + 3 Surf Rentals + Yoga Pass    $280

7 days package SURF RENTAL – YOGA                                                                 7 days Surf Rental + Yoga Pass    $230

60 min. Massage/USD$ 75                                                                                        90 min. Massage/USD$ 100
120 min. Massage/USD$ 120

If 2 persons, you can share the 120 min. massage, 2 X 60 min. or each have a 90 min. massage.

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