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Sunrise Yoga Fitness SUP

Being on the ocean at Sunrise is something very special. Doing Yoga when the first light rise over the horizon is simply epic, add to it a Yoga Fitness Paddle Boarding class followed by a guided relaxation while drifting on the water … Namaste !

Let all this beautiful energy soak in and savor a delicious breakfast at Restaurant Tuva, the finest waterfront restaurant in Cabarete.

Sunday morning. Paddle Boarding meet up at Restaurant Tuva

Yoga Fitness SUP classes are held in front of Restaurant Tuva every Sunday at 6:30 am. You can reserve a paddle board with Salty Addict or bring your own SUP board. Participants need to know how to swim and have experience doing paddle boarding. No need to be a Fitness expert and no Yoga experience required, we choose very simple Yoga postures and you can always choose to paddle either standing up, sitting down or on your knees.

Salty Addict also offer paddle boarding at the laguna of Cabarete and the river near by. If you never tried paddle boarding before, we recommend that you do a SUP session in the flat water of the laguna or river a few days before the Yoga Fitness SUP class and get comfortable paddling, sitting down, standing up. We also offer Yoga classes as well as Tha├» – Yoga Massage if you need a bit of stretching and body work.

Paddle boarders meet up at 6:30 am in front of Restaurant Tuva. Class is in English, French and Spanish. We begin with Yoga warm up, then paddle away for a fun Fitness class, cool down with the Yoga SUP session then relaxation .. meditation while drifting back to shore.

Breakfast and a refreshing juice or smoothies is included with your Yoga Fitness SUP class. You can choose any of the breakfast or brunch options on the menu. This is a community meet up, feel free to invite your friends and family to join us for the class or breakfast – brunch. Restaurant Tuva open at 8:00 am. We have tables reserved for the paddle boarders but recommend that you also reserve a table of your own if inviting a group of people for breakfast or brunch.

Sunday Yoga Fitness SUP class including breakfast US $45 with board provided from Salty Addict . US $25 with your own board

Each participant must reserve ahead of time, we will ask you a few questions and send additional information. Reserve Here

SUP photos .. Cabarete Lifestyle at its best !


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Cabarete Bay. Daily Morning session 7:00 am. You may rent a board or come with your own board. Yoga Clase last 1:15 min. total rental time is 2 hours. We start with gentle stretching, easy postures .. beginners welcome ! You may also request different time and day for group session.

YOGA-SUP including board rental $55/ 2 hours.