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Downwinders – Wave Riding

How about joining us for an epic downwinder ? I can definitely say that downwinders are pure joy, the nirvana of Kiteboarding. Start kiting upwind and let the wind push you downwind for kilometers. You can practice new jumps and fun stuff or enjoy riding waves after waves without having to kite back upwind. The downwinders we do near Cabarete are Wave Riding sessions, we start from La Boca River to Cabarete or Cabarete Bay to Encuentro, about 4 kilometers. The La Boca – Cabarete downwinder is easier because we are closer to shore and kite the beach break, you can always kite a little bit offshore if ever you find the waves too big. The Cabarete Bay to Encuentro downwinder is offshore and we have to go around the reef point of Kite Beach so we are kiting on the reef all the way to Encuentro, often in shallow water over the reef.

To participate in the Cabarete Downwinders, you need to be an experienced kiteboarder in wave riding either with a kiteboard or surf board. Our kite school also offer Wave Riding Clinics in Cabarete Bay where you can learn how to pass a shore break and catch some waves on the reef offshore, plenty of water on that reef section, no worries. The inside of the bay has no waves so it’s a stress free learning curve, you can always kite back to shore when ever you want and land on a nice sandy beach. Waves are biggest from late fall to late spring then much smaller going into summer. Wave riding is not as difficult has it may look like. Safety is super important when wave riding therefore good coaching, knowing how to choose your wind and waves conditions and lots of practice is the key to having amazing sessions. More info about Wave Riding and Downwinders

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Surfing at Encuentro Beach

Encuentro beach has a long history of controversy and over the years, us Locals and Surf Schools owners suffered from the lack of true legal structure of the land. As you may know all the Surf Shacks of Encuentro Beach have been destroyed and things look a little bit different then the way they were in the past. I am an eternal optimist and all I can say is that hopefully something amazing will come out of this, we are all hope that this will bring a fresh new start, one with true legal structure and at least peace and harmony to our beautiful surf spot. The beach itself and ocean is always accessible and you will find the vibe at Encuentro very peaceful. We offer Surf and SUP packages as well as Surf & Yoga Camps with option of lodging just steps away from the surf beach, at the Tropical Lodge where we teach Yoga, or in one of our many holiday rentals in Cabarete. Surf’s Up, come Surfing with us.

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