Advanced Kiteboarders

Always wanted to learn that new jump or trick !!  Sign up for Kamikaze Jump Kite Clinic. Tailored for your specific need, choose a 1 or 2 hours clinic. Learn from the pros and save some time and energy. Don’t be afraid to take it to the next level. You’ll be totally stoke. Want to bring home some amazing photos ?  Let us know and we’ll arrange for a photo shoot *


Advanced Kiteboarders Packages and Clinics

Wave riding clinic $ 60
Downwinders including coaching $ 60
Kamikaze Jump Kite Clinic $ 100

Kite Camp $ 430

Daily Coaching and Kite Clinics, sign up for the kite clinics of your choice including the Wave Riding Clinic. Supervision offered if needed. You may choose to attend as many clinics as you wish over a period of maximum 7 days, Downwinders and Kamikaze Jump Clinic are not included in this kite camp.

Kite Lifestyle $ 200

Kite Lifestyle #1 include a Refresher Course + Wave Riding Clinic or any other Intermediate to Independant Kite Clinic
Kite Lifestyle # 2 include Wave Riding Clinic, Coaching and Downwinders. You may choose to do several downwinders, ride the flats of La Boca River.

*extra cost for photo shoot*     *** Rates are in US dollars ***

Gear not provided during Advanced Kiteboarders Clinics and Downwinders. Pre-requisite IKO level 3N

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